Season 3 Episode 19

Aid Station

Aired Unknown Feb 11, 1975 on CBS



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  • Quotes

    • Frank: (complaining about the food) And of course the coffee's cold again.
      Trapper: It's getting better, it's less purple.

    • Frank: Are you worried about them?
      Henry: I sent them, remember Frank? Their commanding officer? Back home my biggest decisions are whether or not to have my own bowling ball made and do I get the cat fixed. Sending people to the front's just not my speed.

    • (Eating C-Rations)
      Margaret: Would you like another can?
      Hawkeye: No thanks, I ate before I left America.

    • Trapper: It's okay, Radar. You can sleep in Hawkeye's bunk.
      Radar: Really?
      Frank: This is an officers' tent!
      Trapper: Try to snore importantly, Radar.

    • Henry: Who's sleeping in that bed?
      Trapper: Goldilocks. Her number came up.

    • Frank: Colonel Blake, I insist you order McIntyre to stop harassing me. It's tough enough doing surgery under these primitive conditions.
      Trapper: Surgery? You medical moron! You couldn't cut a salami with bungling it!
      Frank: Oh, yeah?
      Henry: That's enough from both of you!
      Frank: He started it!
      Henry: Frank, I swear I'm gonna put it in your record that you don't work and play with others.

    • Margaret: You'd never know this is an aid station.
      Aid Station Medic: Our red cross got blown off with the roof.
      Hawkeye: I finally make a house call and the house is gone.

    • Margaret: Don't think of me as a woman!
      Hawkeye: Don't stand in profile.

    • Margaret: Do you suppose there are snipers out there?
      Hawkeye: If they're good union snipers, they are.

    • (explosions)
      Margaret: Are they getting closer?
      Hawkeye: It's an optical illusion. You can't tell me they'd kill a medical person on a mission of mercy.
      Margaret: They've already killed one surgeon here.
      Hawkeye: I told you, you can't tell me that.

  • Notes

    • When Hawkeye introduces himself to the aid station corpsman, the corpsman states that his name is 'Dever'. 'Dever' is the actor's (Tom Dever) real last name.

    • While Margaret is trying to comfort a soldier, she actually admits for the first time that Hawkeye is "the best", meaning that he is a better surgeon than Frank Burns.

    • In the DVD version of this episode, immediately after the final scene and before the credits, the screen goes black. However, if you look carefully, in dark purple letters, you can read "Place Commercial Here." You may need to pause it to see.

    • This is the first of 10 episodes directed by William Jurgensen. The last is episode 185.

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