Season 8 Episode 25

April Fools

Aired Unknown Mar 24, 1980 on CBS

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  • its april fools week and hawkeye, bj, margaret, and winchester really get into it. at first its the dinamic duo working together until all the three boys team up against margaret. when col. tucker comes to inspect them, he pushes them over the top...

    this episode is absolutely hilarious!!!! i could not believe how much i enjoyed it. i actually watched it again after i saw it. and the ending was completely spontanious and i seriously didnt see it coming!!!! i was in as much shock as the characters on the show. this show is recommended for any one needing a good laugh!! :) :) i also liked how hawkeye and bj worked well with winchester and margaret and had fun pranking each other. another great part was klinger, and how he took rizzo's advice and then was the queen of the nile!!!! haha!