Season 8 Episode 25

April Fools

Aired Unknown Mar 24, 1980 on CBS



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  • Quotes

    • Col. Potter: Remember that time we slippted those rubber hamburgers into the chow line?
      Col. Tucker: Yeah, only trouble was nobody noticed.

    • Col. Potter: (about Klinger) If he thinks he's got his Section 8, he's really crazy!

    • Col. Potter: (about Col. Tucker) From what I hear, he's a firing brimstone doctor with a three-second fuse. A stickler's stickler. Quotes army medical regs by memory, especially the part on courts-martial!
      Klinger: (unnerved) Uh, sir, about that three day pass I just decided to ask for?

    • Klinger: Allah be praised I was too stupid to get into med school.

    • Margaret: Who left the dead minnows in my jacket pocket!?
      Charles: They were alive when I put them in there, you've killed them!

    • Hawkeye (exhausted): If we didn't have such a good union here, I'd put in my two-week notice. But I'm too weak.

    • Klinger: (dressed as Cleopatra) All hail mighty Caesar.
      Potter: You look like a furry clawdat cover! Get up from there!
      Col. Tucker: Easy, Potter. This young trooper's finally cracked under pressure.
      Potter: You mean you're buying this malarky? Last time, he was Snow White!

    • Colonel Potter: I'm giving your hijinks the heave-ho, post-haste! I'm the boss here! I can do that!

    • (Father Mulcahy is wearing a dress)
      Mulcahy: While I was showering, someone stole my robe and left me this house frock!
      Klinger: Better not take it off Father, you'll be a defrocked priest!
      Mulcahy: Klinger, how would you like to get the last rites, (raising his fist) and a few lefts?

    • (To Hawkeye, Winchester, BJ and Hot Lips)
      Potter: Ohhh, you're a peck of pips, all right! Despite my direct orders, you just had to put "Be Stupid" first on your list of things to do today!
      Hawkeye: We're very sorry, Colonel.
      Hot Lips: I'm not sorry! You're the jackasses who did this! (they argue)
      Potter: SILENCIOO! (They fall quiet.) The senior inspecting officer from the far east medical command comes in here at full boil, so you jokers have to turn up the heat! Guarantees we'll all be wearin' his boot prints tomorrow, no matter how spiffy we carry on! Thank you all very much! (looking at Hot Lip's tent) Good grief, Margaret, where in the name of Kerry's corset is your tent?!

  • Notes

    • Jamie Farr wrote an autobiography, "Just Farr Fun" and the cover had a picture of him from this episode, where he is dressed like Cleopatra.

    • M*A*S*H received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series at the 1980 Emmy Awards. Alan Alda received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. Also Harry Morgan won the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series with Mike Farrell receiving an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series and Loretta Swit won the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

    • Even if it is the last time Klinger specifically goes for a Section 8, he tries to get out of the army one more time in "Your Retention Please".

    • Again, M*A*S*H produced 25 episodes for a single season. From the next season on, the series would film a lesser number of episodes.

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