Season 8 Episode 2

Are You Now, Margaret?

Aired Unknown Sep 24, 1979 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Col. Potter: Well if it isn't budget cuts, what in Sam Hill are you here for?
      Williamson: Gentlemen, in my work for Congressman Laury, I have unearthed some news that will come to you as a severe shock. The real enemy we are fighting is within America itself.
      Hawkeye: (sarcastically) Oh, wait a minute, suddenly it all makes sense. We're in the wrong country. It's not North and South Korea we should be fighting, it's North and South Dakota.
      BJ: We could be going home weekends.
      Col. Potter: Will you two put a cork in it? I think this lad has got something serious stuck in his craw.
      Williamson: Right Colonel, this is quite serious. Congressman Laury has obtained incontravertable evidence that this M*A*S*H unit is harboring a communist sympathizer.
      (Hawkeye and BJ look dumbfounded)
      Col. Potter: One of my people, a commie? Who are you talking about?
      Williamson: Major Margaret Houlihan.