Season 11 Episode 15

As Time Goes By

Aired Unknown Feb 21, 1983 on CBS

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  • How can you wind down such a monumental series?

    With a time capsule of course. Anyway this episode does a good job of giving viewers one final taste of "normal" life at the 4077th. It brings back memories of the entire series while still allowing time for Hawkeye and Margaret conflict, Klinger growing up some more, Father Mulchahy trying help everyone at once, and as always the joke, this time pulled off by BJ and Charles. It is not a phenominal "out with a bang" type episode, that was left for the finale. It simply gives fans a sentimental feeling and brings together the cast in an usually tight way.
  • The regular series is over and only the 2 1/2 hr finale remains. Margaret gets sentimental about a time capsule that will be put away for 100 yrs.As usual Hawkeye is making fun of everything & Margaret is not happy with some choices to put in the capsule.

    The regular series ends and now only the two and a half hour finale is remaining. We see some interesting things. We meet Soon-Lee Hahn who will end up marrying Klinger. We see people going to refugee camps, but do we know the war is ending ? I think not the 3 year war wrapped up in 11 seasons in all but one show away from being over. I wonder if now that's they way it should ended so abruptly? I think probably so. This show is sentimental and again gets as many of the characters involved as possible for Margaret's time capsule. Hawkeye while making light of it all is acting like he is going to have his own time capsule. In the end Hawkeye comes through as expected with a cherished gift. you might remember Radar gave him his teddy bear before he left Korea. Now we all know its not the same bear, but it works all the same.

    This is a very good show and the long run is almost over and the most watched television program in History ( still is 25 years later) is next.
  • The final episode of M*A*S*H before the big series finale.

    The final half-hour M*A*S*H episode ever produced. And it was very well written. M*A*S*H has always been a series of both comedy and drama and both elements are used here. The main comedy of the episode is the constant conflict between Hawkeye and Margaret on what items need to be put in a time capsule that is to be buried in the ground at the 4077th site. While Margaret wants a serious deal with the capsule, Hawkeye, along with other camp members, dont take it as seriously by donating Charles's booze and klinger's dresses to the capsule. In the end, Hawkeye decides to make one of his own. His includeds Klinger's dresses and Charles's cognac of course but others include a broken fan belt from a chopper whose pilot bravely saved the life of a young wounded solider, Radar's teddy bear to represent those who went home from war, and Henry's fishhook, to represent those who never made it home. This episode was a great way to end the series and could have been considered part 1 of "Goodbye Farewell and Amen" because of another plotline to the story. Klinger falls ins love with Soon-Li who is trying to find her parents. In the final episode, Klinger marries her and stays in Korea to help her find her parents. The other storyline is when Charles and BJ take away Rizzo's troublemaking fake grenade which is the funnier part of episode watching Rizzo use it. For those of you that know a lot about M*A*S*H but havent seen the series finale, i suggest you watch this episode first. It all goes together as time goes by.