Season 7 Episode 9

Baby, it's Cold Outside

Aired Unknown Nov 13, 1978 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Colonel Potter says that Sonia Henie does a triple axel in her film but Sonia never did a triple axel. She could do a single axel, but the first woman to do a double axel was Carol Heiss in 1953, which would be after the movie in this episode was filmed. Sonia was very talented, but even today it is rare for female skaters to do a triple axel.

    • Although it's obvious they did it for better film angles, why would the doctors have spun Sergeant Davalillo 180 degrees while moving him him four feet from the tub to the table?

  • Quotes

    • (After PA has given warm temperatures in different regions)
      Hawkeye: And closer to home we can expect a warming trend, our midday temperatures reaching puberty levels, 14 to 16.
      (Hawkeye and BJ move around, trying to get a closer space to the heater)
      BJ: I'm not in your way?
      Hawkeye: No.
      BJ: I'd like to be.
      (They continue to fight for possition, then they both look over at Charles, who is seemingly unaffected by the cold weather)
      Hawkeye: There's a dead log I'd like to throw in the fire. Charles, how come you're not freezing like the rest of us?
      Charles: Because I have your suffering to keep me warm.
      BJ: He's got to be cold, he's just doing the warm act to spite us.
      Charles: Gentlemen, I am not unaffected by this, but I refuse to huddle around a stove like you two cringing pack wolves.
      Hawkeye: Pack wolves? I've never been more insulted.
      (Hawkeye and BJ then start to growl like wolves at Charles)

    • (Charles got a polar suit from his parents to keep him warm)
      BJ: (to Hawkeye) Tonight, we posion his food.

    • Potter: Klinger, deafness will get you out of the army, but, if this is one of your scams, I'll nail your sorry hide!

    • (in the supply room)
      Fr. Mulcahy: (finding a box, reading the label) 'Standard Snow Boot, Model L-51G.' Radar, why weren't these snow boots distributed?
      Radar: (reaching in the box) They're not exactly regulation. (pulling out a woman's shoe)
      Fr. Mulcahy: Sixty pair like that?
      Radar: No, some have straps.

    • Col. Potter: (talking about Sonja Henie) In my younger days, I used to dream about skating away with her down a frozen fjord in Norway. Yeah, I really fell for her...(pats his behind) again and again and again.

    • (Hawkeye is operating on the cold victim)
      Margaret: Is there anything more I can do?
      Hawkeye: Yeah. See if kissing this man will get his temperature up.
      Margaret: Doctor.
      Hawkeye: Or kiss me and see what you can do for mine.
      Col. Potter: Pierce, before the Major tells me to tell you to shut up, shut up.
      Hawkeye: (to Margaret) Snitch.

    • (Charles gets his package)
      Charles: It's from Mom and Dad. They worry about me so unnecessarily.
      Hawkeye: You're still their little punishment from heaven, Charles.

    • Col. Potter: You don't think this is the proverbial 'hell freezing over' do you, Father?
      Father Mulcahy: Oh, no, no. I'm sure I'd have been informed if anything that big were on the agenda.
      (Radar enters the mess tent)
      Everyone: Boo!
      Radar: Colonel Potter, sir. All the heaters that you ordered are in post-op as per your order, sir.
      Everyone: Boo!

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