Season 3 Episode 21

Big Mac

Aired Unknown Feb 25, 1975 on CBS

Episode Recap

During another OR session, Radar takes an important call from headquarters. He has to go get Henry from the OR and interrupt him. Hawkeye is doing a tricky operation with help from a textbook. Frank makes fun of him, but despite Trapper's warnings, keeps going and Hawkeye gives him the needle. Henry finds out that Gen. Douglas MacArthur is coming to camp because of their outstanding surgical record. Henry says that the paper in his hometown will cover it and that his fees will go up. Later, Col. Whiteman from MacArthur's staff comes to give the schedule. The first thing he sees is Klinger on sentry duty, in a flowered dress. Col. Whiteman gives the schedule that MacArthur will follow and the way the officers are to address him. They offer to show him a surgical procedure. Henry tells the camp and asks that everyone help get the camp in shape. Frank offers to make a souvenir album for MacArthur. Henry asks Capt. Spalding to write a song for his arrival and Spalding plays him one he has been writing. Later, Radar fixes up the VIP tent and Hawkeye and Trapper find Frank burning books that he thinks MacArthur would object to. He also orders Hawkeye and Trapper to clean up the Swamp or he will. Hawkeye says that if he does, he will 'grind you into a fine powder and sprinkle you on MacArthur's oatmeal.' The camp goes through a transformation, with special signs and platforms, and a 'Welcome Gen. MacArthur' sign on the entrance to the camp, which almost falls over. Henry orders Klinger not to be in a dress while MacArthur is in camp. Klinger says this is his big chance, that MacArthur can discharge anyone. Henry refuses and offers him a three-day pass. Later, Hawkeye and Trapper can't find any orderlies to help them with patients in OR because Frank ordered them all to help clean up the camp. Frank and Margaret see the VIP tent set up for MacArthur; she tells him how her father fought with MacArthur in the Philippines. They take in the atmosphere and wind up in each others arms. The camp assembles for a picture for the album. They also have a dress rehearsal where Radar plays MacArthur. Hawkeye and Trapper are their usual disrespectful selves and Klinger tries to get his own dress rehearsal in; Henry has him removed. In the midst of it, the real MacArthur arrives and just drives through the camp and leaves, with everyone disappointed. He does, however, see Klinger dressed as the Statue of Liberty, and salutes. Spalding sings the song he wrote as everyone leaves.