Season 3 Episode 21

Big Mac

Aired Unknown Feb 25, 1975 on CBS



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    • (a suggestion is made for MacArthur to observe an operation)
      Frank: Colonel?
      Col. Whiteman: Yes?
      Frank: Um, as adjutant and assistant chief suregon, I'd like to volunteer for that operation.
      Margaret: How splendid, Major.
      Henry: Very good, Frank.
      Trapper: Lovely.
      Hawkeye: Then it's agreed. We'll do a hysterectomy on Maj. Burns.

    • Henry: The head man, the chief cheese, is coming...here.
      Radar: Him? Here?!
      Henry: Here. Yes. The big monk. The biggest, highest, monkiest of them all.
      Radar: Wow!
      Henry: They don't come any monkier. And you know why he's coming here? Because we've got the most impressive damn record of any medical unit in Korea! That's North, South, East, or West! We're the MASH that is the best!
      Radar: Rah! Rah!

    • Frank: (During the briefing) I think the Colonel might like to know that Major Houlihan's father was under General MacArthur in the Cavalry.
      Hawkeye: (To Trapper) Her father was a horse! Did you know that?
      Trapper: (To Margaret) Our engagement is off!

    • Col. Whiteman: While the General is here, do not address him unless he first addresses you, and then always use his full name and rank in reply, as uh, 'Yes, General MacArthur', 'No, General MacArthur', 'Thank you, General MacArthur'.
      Trapper: God almighty!
      Hawkeye: Close, very close.

    • Hawkeye: Does this mean Radar has to take a bath?
      Trapper: I hope so.
      Hawkeye: We'll carry him down to the river and beat him on a rock.

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    • Henry: Daily Bloomington Pantagraph, oh boy, I can just see it, "Supreme Commander inspects local Doctor."

      The Daily Pantagraph is the newspaper of Bloomington, Illinois.