Season 10 Episode 12

Blood and Guts

Aired Unknown Jan 18, 1982 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Clayton Kibbee asks Father Mulcahy if he knows the Pope. Father Mulcahy says, "by reputation only." However Father Mulcahy tells Hawkeye and BJ that he had once "dined al fresco with the Pope" in Season 6's "The Smell Of Music".

  • Quotes

    • Colonel Potter: I can remember reading Kibbee's report from the front in World War Two. Made it almost like being there. Of course, I was there ...

    • Hawkeye: You'll love our bathtub gin. It leaves a ring around your throat.

    • Clayton Kibbee: As for the last two pints of blood, there's no big finale, no heroes. They helped an old soldier, who'd had visions of glory but finally got it through his thick head how tragic and inhumane war can be. Maybe he'll know better next time.

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