Season 9 Episode 18

Blood Brothers

Aired Unknown Apr 06, 1981 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Ironically, nearly thirty years after playing a soldier with leukemia (blood cancer), Patrick Swayze was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He passed away two years after the diagnosis.

    • Igor tells a friend a rude joke in front of the cardinal, embarrasing Father Mulcahy. However, Father Mulcahy later tells Hawkeye that it was Rizzo who embarrased him, not Igor.

  • Quotes

    • Father Mulcahy: I want to tell you about two men. Each facing his own crisis. The first man you know rather well. The second is a patient here. Well, the first man thought he was facing a crisis. But what he was really doing was trying to impress someone. He was looking for recognition, encouragement, a pat on the back. And whenever that recognition seemed threatened he reacted rather childishly. Blamed everyone for his problems but himself because he was thinking only of himself. But the second man was confronted with the greatest crisis mortal man can face, the loss of his life. I think you will agree that the second man had every right to be selfish. But instead he chose to think not of himself, but of a brother. A brother! When the first man saw the dignity and the selflessness of the second man, he realized how petty and selfish he had...I....I...I had been. It made me see something more clearly than I've ever seen it before. God didn't put us here for that pat on the back. He created us so he could be here himself. So he could exist in the lives of those he created, in his image.

    • (Discussing whether or not to tell Sturges he has leukemia)
      BJ: If it were you, would you want to know?
      Hawkeye: Would you want to tell me?

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