Season 11 Episode 6


Aired Unknown Nov 28, 1982 on CBS

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  • One of the better ones in the last season.

    After the hideously sentimental "Who Knew?" we get an episode that can be placed next to most classic ones without being embarrassed. There's a funny plot line about a rumor that gets out of hand, started by the unusual prankster pairing of Hawkeye and Winchester. Though silly, it is never really unrealistic.

    The serious plot centers around B.J. I have always felt that he was better suited to tragic scenes than Hawkeye, though this may just be because he was offered fewer such scenes, making each one feel fresh. Forced to leave a wounded soldier behind, he suffers from pangs of guilt and is shocked to find that he receives a medal for bravery. This absurdity was always one of the central themes of MASH and it's nice to see it again here.

    Other reasons why I probably liked this one are the correct depiction of Margaret (a military woman, not just a female version of Hawkeye or B.J.) and the many outdoor scenes.