Season 9 Episode 15

Bottoms Up

Aired Unknown Mar 02, 1981 on CBS

Episode Recap

The episode begins in Margaret's tent. She and Captain Whitfield, one of her old friends, are playing gin. After the game, Whitfield reveals that she will be back in the US in a few weeks. She goes off saying she has to write a letter to her brother.

The next morning, Whitfield wakes and is being called into OR with the other nurses, but she has a hard time getting up. She also is asked by Col. Potter to get him a unit of AB pos. blood, and if Klinger had not intervened, she would have given him AB neg. instead.

Meanwhile, Hawkeye made Winchester's pants fall off while he was preparing to work on a patient, which was all part of the joke. But this prank gets him a HORRIBLE reputation around camp.

Later that night, he and BJ are going to play a joke that will hopefully get rid of Hawkeye's bad reputation. They plan to have Winchester and Hawkeye sit down in the officer's club and Hawkeye's chair would have glue on it, which would hopefully make it look like he and Winchester were even. But Winchester gets the glue and his reputation worsens.

Klinger goes to the supply room to get new pants for Winchester and finds Whitfield drinking very heavily. He goes to Potter and also tells him that he had to stop Whitfield from giving him the wrong blood type in OR. Potter goes to talk to Margaret, who then goes to Whitfield and says that she said she was not an alcholic anymore. Whitfield confesses that she lied and vows never to drink again.

Hawkeye goes to Klinger telling him he needs his help with a joke he wants to pull on himself. Klinger becomes confused when Hawkeye says that this one won't backfire like the one in the officer's club. He then realizes what's really going on.

After Klinger told him what happened (which we don't see), Hawkeye tells Winchester that BJ has been pulling strings all along. It was his idea that Winchester lose his pants in OR, and it was him who told Klinger to switch the chairs in the officer's club. He has manipulated everything so Winchester would be humiliated, Hawkeye would be blamed, and he would get off clean. Winchester is amazed at this, and he and Hawkeye begin to plot their payback.

The next morning, BJ wakes up in the nurses tent. He is naked in his cot with the sheets nailed into it. He tells the nurses that he is not leaving if he is naked, but then the PA announcer says they have wounded. BJ grabs his pillow and heads out the door, but nearly everyone is waiting outside and Winchester gets pictures while everyone else laughs and the PA announcer says "they made me do it."

During lunch, Whitfield starts acting crazy and screams. Margaret and Potter realize she has the DTs and restrain her so she doesn't hurt herself. Whitfield says that she is keeping her word to Margaret. Several weeks later in the officer's club, Margaret gets a letter from Whitfield saying that she enrolled herself in a special class to help her overcome her drinking problems. Hawkeye, Winchester, and Klinger look at the pictures taken of BJ when he was naked when he walks in and takes them. Hawkeye comments that BJ will go crazy when he sees the enlarged pictures on the bulletin board, and the episode ends with BJ running out the door.