Season 8 Episode 13

Captain's Outrageous

Aired Unknown Dec 10, 1979 on CBS



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    • Potter: Klinger, this is the actual Pentagon. How'd you get through?
      Klinger: It was easy sir. First I told them I was General Embry and they said they'd do their best. Then I told them I was General Embry's girlfriend. The next voice I heard said 'Hello, Pentagon.'
      Potter: I don't know whether to have you promoted or court martialed.

    • Potter: Klinger!
      Klinger: You rattled the rafters, sir?
      Potter: What is going on in Post Op? Is that the Padre doing all that caterwauling?
      Klinger: Yes, just a little sermon to the Greek and Turk from the Book of Threats.

    • Charles: Gentlemen, ten years from now, I shall shut myself in the library, pour myself a snifter of cognac, think back on the memory of this evening, and...upchuck.

    • (A Greek and Turkish soldier blow off Father Mulcahy as he tries to break up their fight)
      Father Mulcahy: Is that so?! Well, don't let this saintly demeanor fool you. I happen to be pretty handy with my dukes. I could flatten you both and not even work up a sweat. So I suggest you remember what it says in the good book: love thy neighbor, or I'll PUNCH YOUR LIGHTS OUT!!! YOU GOT THAT?!
      (the two immediately stop fighting)

    • (Klinger told Father Mulcahy he will be making Captain)
      Potter: Klinger, you got a mouth as big as the Missouri Gap! Hello, Padre. That efficency report was supposed to be confidential!
      Klinger: Sir, you were eavesdropping on my private conversation.
      Potter: Right now, Corporal, I wouldn't mention the word "private" if I were you!

    • Potter: The Pentagon. Weird-looking building. Four walls and a spare. Monument to Murphy's Law.

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