Season 9 Episode 3

Cementing Relationships

Aired Unknown Dec 01, 1980 on CBS



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    • (Margaret is bringing coffee to everyone working on the floor when Ignazio comes out of the bushes)
      Ignazio: Margarita! I have return-ed!
      Margret: Iganzio, what are you doing here? You're supposed to be back with your unit!
      Ignazio: You know why I am here. Your lips said go away, but your eyes they say go AWOL.

    • Ignazio: You are toying with me like a cat with a dead moose!

    • Ignazio: You cannot leave me.
      Margaret: I am not leaving. You're leaving. You must go back to your unit.
      Ignazio: My unit can wait. Wars, they come and go, but you and I are once in a lifetime.
      Margaret: Please, Ignazio, you've got to go back!
      Ignazio: I cannot! I cannot leave that 'air, those eyes, those lips--how you say--beyond?
      Margaret: Behind.
      Ignazio: Ah, that also, I cannot leave!

    • Hawkeye: Charles--pick up that hoe or I'll have you spayed.

    • Margaret: Ignazio, you're making a fool of yourself!
      Charles: You're not doing too badly either, Margaret.

    • Ignazio: This fine woman she love you so big and you not love her back!
      Charles: What on earth are you saying and in what language are you saying it?

    • Colonel Potter (thanking people for helping with the cement floor): Next, Major Winchester.
      (Everyone protests)
      Margaret: Major Winchester? He didn't do a thing!
      Colonel Potter: Pipe down, this is an operating room! As I was saying, here's to Major Winchester, for showing us that a man can be neat, clean and bathed and still end up smelling bad.

    • Charles (to Klinger): I've always envied you swarthy types and the gift you have for demeaning labor.
      Margaret: If I were Klinger, I'd resent that, Mr. Clean Jeans!
      Klinger: Well, I am him, and I do resent it!

    • BJ: This floor is a lot like you, Charles. Filled with culture and breeding no one else can tolerate.

    • Charles: My good man, I have better things to do than listen to someone make no sense in two languages.

    • Margaret: Believe me, you'll find someone else. You're a big, strong, handsome man.
      Ignazio: Si. But what good is it to be a Ferrari if you are out of gas?

  • Notes

    • This is the first of 18 episodes written by Pollock and Davis. The last one is the final episode. Pollock also wrote one other episode.

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