Season 4 Episode 2

Change of Command

Aired Unknown Sep 19, 1975 on CBS

Episode Recap

Frank is basking in his dream come true--his own command. He is making new regulations for the camp with Margaret at his side. He tries to get Radar to post them, but he has gone with the mail. He goes into the Swamp where Hawkeye and BJ have set up a bar where Frank's bunk was, but they don't have a name for it. When Hawkeye remembers Henry, BJ suggests the Henry Blake Memorial Bar. Radar comes in and they try to get him to be the first customer, but he is serious. He has orders for the camp's new commanding officer. He gives them to Hawkeye to read. Col. Sherman Potter, a regular Army doctor, is to come in to be the new CO Hawk says that a regular Army doctor will be more by the book than Frank. Radar is afraid to give Frank the orders, so Hawkeye and BJ go with him. They find him in the mess tent, where he berated Igor for serving the food wrong. Radar gives him his personal mail, but when Frank sees the official letter, Radar tells him. They are afraid that Frank will pitch a fit, but he takes it very calmly and goes to Margaret's tent with her. However, he starts crying and pouting when they get there. Hawk and BJ take down the bar as Frank moves back into the Swamp. He tells them that he recorded all his activities as CO for his college library. Hawk and BJ read them and see just how mundane his tenure as CO was. Later, Col. Potter arrives as Radar uses some surgical trays as reflectors for suntanning. He helps the Colonel get his things into his office. Potter asks Radar to move one of his file cabinets to another wall, but to get some help. When Radar leaves, he finds Klinger ready to meet the Colonel. He tries to stop Klinger, but can't. Klinger salutes Potter in a full gold lame' gown, but Potter does not like it and orders him to get into a regulation uniform. All the officers (except Frank) meet the new CO in his office. Mulcahy and Margaret have clean records, but Potter is distressed over all the violations that Hawkeye and BJ have accumulated. As they leave, Margaret tells Hawk and BJ that Frank left camp. Later, as they fix the still, Klinger comes in with a rash. They note that it ends where his uniform ends and tell him that it's a psychosomatic condition. Klinger says it started after he got into his uniform and they say to wear a slip next to his skin. Potter has several pictures of horses on the walls of the office and Radar puts the picture of Mrs. Potter on his desk. He shows Radar his good conduct medal, and just then Radar hears choppers coming. He tells Hawkeye that Potter has been in administration in the States, and hasn't been in an OR in two years. Hawkeye tells Margaret to let him know if Potter has problems. She, however is worried that Frank is still missing. However, he does well and helps BJ with a difficult patient. Klinger comes in and is okay from the waist down because he is wearing a half-slip. At the end of the session, Potter says he could use a drink and the boys offer him the use of the still. Hawkeye also gives Potter some help with a stiff back. They go to the Swamp to have some drinks as Frank sneaks back into camp. He goes to Margaret's tent and stays there. He is cold and wet and hungry. Hawkeye, BJ, and Potter drink and sing and toast several toasts. Potter says he had a still on Guam in World War II and it blew up on him; that was how he got his Purple Heart. Hawkeye uses the occasion to talk about Klinger. The next day, Potter shows them his horse pictures. Frank reports to the office to say he would help with the military part of the outfit. Just then, Klinger gives Potter a report dressed in a sailor suit and Potter compliments him on it, to Frank's distress.
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