Season 4 Episode 2

Change of Command

Aired Unknown Sep 19, 1975 on CBS

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  • remarks

    In a later epsiode BJ claims that he was under frank command for a week and that burns had the toilet seats at attention {In joke epsiode to Andy Griffith movie "No Time for Sergeants" when Griffith does this in the officers laterine during inspection!}

    HOulihan in 1952 was in service 10 years-thus she must have joined the service in 1942 after graduating from Nurses College-which means she went to the college in 1938-if she was 18 -she must have been born in 1920--and in 1952 she would have been 32 years old.

    {Ironically Sally Kellerman in the orginal movie and Loretta Swit in the orginal pilot were both in their early thirties!}
  • Potter in, Burns out

    Change of Command

    Frank finds out he's being replaced as commanding officer and takes off. Hawkeye and B J have to dismatle the Henry Blake Memorial Bar to re-make room for Frank. I always found Radar's problems with the microphone a welcome bit of humor. Col. Potter insists the guys keep "their noses clean" yet by the end of the episode he's one of them. Guess old habits die hard. I love his story about the still in Guam blowing up and that's how he got his purple heart. Klinger can forget about his Section 8 but does look cute in the Shirley Temple outfit at the end.
  • this was a great episode

    I was going to mention Potter and 1952 and then him being old year in 1951 for New Years eve but someone already listed it. The episode when they went through a whole year and had him at the end of 1951 but it said he came in 1952. I might have the years wrong. This episode and some of last season had the most changes, we had exit Trapper enter BJ, exit Colonel Blake and Major Burns enter Colonel Potter and Major Winchester that all seemed to happen quickly like in a season or so time. I like Trap better, than Winchester, but I think I liked Potter better than Blake but not by much. I liked Burns because he was the only one who actually was on the side of his country even though the liberal writers made him a sneaky jerk of a guy.
  • Good episode.......showed the reality of the sitution.

    This episode contines with the introduction of BJ Honeycutt. His reactions to the situtations in this episode are very realistic. It is easy to see him as an idealistic, fresh out residency seeing the under developed conditions of Korea.

    Frank\'s \"Snot, snot, snot...\" Played for laughs....... not really all that funny.

    The roll call at the end was a nice added touch. Introducing Col. Potter was odd, considering that he was not there yet in the next episode.

    The two girls who were looking for land mines in the field were was sad. I wonder if that really happened in that era.