Season 4 Episode 2

Change of Command

Aired Unknown Sep 19, 1975 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • (Colonel Potter's first meeting with Hawkeye and BJ)
      Colonel Potter: You two were reprimanded by Major Burns for setting fire to the latrine.
      Hawkeye: That was an accident.
      BJ: We were having a weenie roast.
      Colonel Potter: In the latrine?
      BJ: We're not allowed to cook in our tents, sir.
      Colonel Potter: Also, Pierce, it says you had a live chicken flown here by helicopter claiming it was a patient.
      Hawkeye: That was a rare bird, Colonel. It could tap dance.
      Colonel Potter: And a year ago, the Tokyo Provost Marshal claims you stole a steam shovel.
      Hawkeye: I couldn't get a cab.
      Colonel Potter: I gather you drink.
      Hawkeye: Only to excess.
      Colonel Potter: (to both Hawkeye and BJ) Colorful officers, I must say. Well, that is one thing I do not need! I would greatly appreciate it if for the next eighteen months you keep your noses clean. Dismissed!