Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Unknown Nov 12, 1972 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • (Hawkeye, Trapper and Radar try desperately to talk sense into The Cowboy over the radio who has Colonel Blake in his helicopter and is threatening to throw him out.)
      Trapper: Cowboy, you just got a letter from home!
      (This finally gets The Cowboy's attention. He grabs the radio.)
      Cowboy: Yeah, nice try, Trapper!
      Trapper: We're not jiving you, Cowboy!
      Cowboy: Then who is it from?
      Hawkeye: "Mrs. Jean Hodges."
      Trapper: Jean. That's your wife's name, isn't it? Jean?
      Cowboy: Yeah! And what's the address?
      Hawkeye: "Box 740...
      (All of a sudden, Hawkeye covers the mike and whispers.)
      Hawkeye: Reno! Goodbye, Henry.
      Cowboy: I can't hear you!
      Trapper: (hesitantly) Uh, it might say "Reno, Nevada" but we really can't tell.
      Cowboy: (overjoyed) Reno! That's it! That's where I live!
      (Meanwhile, Colonel Blake is sweating bullets.)
      Blake: What a lovely town.
      Trapper: Cowboy, how's Colonel Blake? Henry, are you all right?
      Blake: I'm in a lot of trouble!
      Cowboy: C'mon! Open up that letter! Let's hear it!
      (Hawkeye and Trapper open up the letter. When they read it, they look sad and horrified. Meanwhile, the Cowboy is waiting. Hawkeye clears his throat and proceeds to read.)
      Hawkeye: "Dear...John."
      Cowboy (overjoyed) Go on!That's my real name!
      (Colonel Blake rolls his eyes.)
      Blake: Dear John from Reno.