Season 2 Episode 9

Dear Dad... Three

Aired Unknown Nov 10, 1973 on CBS

Episode Recap

Frank and Trapper play gin, people outside play volleyball, and Hawkeye writes another letter to his father. When Trapper cheats to win, Frank leaves in a huff. Hawkeye gets a patient who doesn't want the 'wrong color' blood, then has to operate on a wounded soldier with a unexploded grenade in his body. After the session, people gather in the Swamp for a little relaxation. Henry tells Mulcahy how he wound up in Korea and a nurse asks Radar if he's a virgin. Hawkeye tells Trapper about his racist patient and they plot to do something about it. They take tincture of iodine and paint his skin brown. Then they join Henry and Radar in seeing some of Henry's home movies: a birthday party for his daughter and a bit of fun tacked on at the end. Hawkeye tells his dad how people cope with the boredom. Frank and Margaret have an argument that ends up in a passionate embrace. The racist soldier asks if he's darker and Klinger and Ginger play along. Hawkeye tells his dad about the monthly staff meeting for the officers. Hawk and Trapper give the big payoff for their prank, then as he is shipped off, he thanks Hawkeye for giving him something to think about. Trapper introduces Hawkeye to a Swedish nurse and he finishes the letter.