Season 2 Episode 9

Dear Dad... Three

Aired Unknown Nov 10, 1973 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Apparently the scene where Frank slips into Margaret's tent, to find her (temporarily) indifferent to him, was originally slated for an episode in Season 1. In "Dear Dad...Again", there is a scene where Margaret and Frank have a spat, leading to him drinking up the Swamp's supply of hooch. Margaret is wearing a pink bathrobe rather than a blue one, but if you watch and listen carefully, it is clearly the same scene. She's reading a book, Frank kisses her fingers so that she can turn a lot of pages, and she starts to tell him that he thinks of her as a "bag of desireable bones".

    • Hawkeye sings a line from the song 'Makin' Whoopee', from the Musical Whoopee! in this episode. Ironically, he would later star in a Woody Allen film Everyone Says I Love You, which has the same song in it. (Though Alan Alda didn't get to sing it.)

    • During the "dirty movie" segment of the home movie, when Henry is lifting the rake like it's a set of weights, the position of his hands continues to change, from his fingernails facing the camera, to Henry's face, and back to the camera again.

  • Quotes

    • (During the monthly staff meeting)
      Margaret: Colonel Blake!
      Henry: (Jolted out of his nap) Yes, Sir!
      Margaret: Captain Pierce is out of order!
      Trapper: I thought you were guaranteed for a year!

    • Nurse Gilbert: (to Radar) Everybody says you're a virgin. Is that true?
      Radar: (thinking) I really don't know.

    • (Ginger and Trapper dance in place)
      Ginger: This is nice.
      Trapper: Mmm. I bet we could dance great together too.

    • (Hawkeye is in post-op, Trapper enters)
      Trapper: I understand you're in need of a medical man here.
      Hawkeye: I see you couldn't find one.

    • (Hawkeye recites 'Gunga Din' in OR)
      Frank: Are we going to have poetry in surgery now?
      Henry: There was a young lady from Kent, who took off her...
      Hawkeye: Steady, Henry.

    • Hawkeye (at show-end, singing): So don't forget, folks...that's what you get, folks...for making whoopee.
      Anna Lindstrom: What is that--whoopee?
      Hawkeye (smiling): I'll be with you in a minute, darling.

    • Henry: (during comic-end of home movie) That's Milt Jaffe, the gynaecologist next door.
      Hawkeye: Oh, that's handy. Everybody should have a gynaecologist next door.
      Trapper: I'm afraid to ask what's on the other side.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Henry: (talking about his wife) She was the Succotash Queen at Illinois Normal.
      This is a reference to Illinois State Normal University. Illinois State Normal University changed its name to Illinois State University in 1968. It is located in Normal, Illinois, about 50 miles south east of the University of Illinois.