Season 4 Episode 16

Dear Ma

Aired Unknown Dec 23, 1975 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • I'm surprised that Frank was not court-martialed for assaulting the South Korean 3-star general in the mess tent. Seeing that no one in the unit likes him (except possibly Margaret at the time), everyone at camp would be glad to see him go.

    • Radar's math needs a little work: whilst describing the foot inspection to his mother, he says with 200 people in camp, and 10 toes each, that's 20,000 toes to check. That is in fact only 2,000 (perhaps the Triple A High School Diploma Company of Delavan, Indiana (Episode 18) should revoke his diploma).

  • Quotes

    • (Hawkeye has popped open B.J's new watch)
      B.J.: No works. It's empty.
      Hawkeye: We, what you've got there is either a pillbox with hands--or a lunch pail for Munchkins!
      B.J.: I feel like an idiot.
      Hawkeye: Go with the feeling.

    • Potter: Major.
      Margaret: Shouldn't be a minute, sir.
      Potter: You were very brave back there. Very level-headed.
      Margaret: Thank you, sir.
      Potter: Mrs. Potter has those qualities. You couldn't ruffle her feathers if you hit her with a brick.

    • Radar: (in his letter) You'd like Klinger, Ma. He looks a little bit like Aunt Jean before electrolysis.

    • Radar (about the nearby village): Last time I went, they served grasshoppers and rice. I don't mind that but the sauce made me sick.

    • Radar (in his letter): As usual, I'm writing real slow because I know you can't read fast.

    • Hawkeye (after a soldier salutes him): You'd better be prepared to explain that!

    • Margaret: Make sure no one goes into my tent.
      Radar: I wouldn't do that, Ma'am.
      Margaret: Somebody does.
      Radar: Maybe it's rats.
      Margaret: You think rats have been trying on my undies?
      Radar: Some of them rats are weird.

    • Potter: My can's throbbing two beats faster than my heart.

    • Radar: (about Mrs. Potter) She had a premonition that something something was happening to the colonel.
      Klinger: My mother gets those. She had a premonition about the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
      Radar: She tell anybody?
      Klinger: Nah. She didn't get it 'til December 9th.

    • (inspecting Hot Lips' feet)
      Hawkeye: Is that a pretty foot, corporal?
      Radar: I wouldn't know, sir. I'm not a doctor.

    • Frank: I wouldn't let you touch my feet with a ten foot pole!
      Hawkeye: Radar, cancel the ten foot pole. Stretch Pulaski, tallest Pole you ever saw.

    • (Hawkeye is giving Klinger a foot inspection)
      Hawkeye: Why is your little toenail missing?
      Klinger: I put my pinkie in the pencil sharpener at the Draft Board.
      Radar: You did not!
      Klinger: When I lowered my pants, there was a rose in my shorts.

  • Notes

    • This is the first of 4 appearances by Lynne Marie Stewart, as various Nurses. The last appearance is in episode 122.

  • Allusions

    • Radar says in his letter, "I sent away to a mail-order house for a guinea pig and he's doing terrific. I named him Dopey after the Seven Dwarves." He later writes that he has to mail the letter, "before Dopey eats it."