Season 8 Episode 12

Dear Uncle Abdul

Aired Unknown Dec 03, 1979 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Margaret: (irritated) Klinger, where is my footlocker?
      Klinger: I suppose in your tent.
      Margaret: I have just come from my tent. What I have in there can no longer be called a footlocker because you can not call something a locker if it doesn't lock! What I have in there is a foot-opener, and some disgusting deviant in this camp has just done that; opened it! Violated my personal, private, intimate belongings!
      Klinger: The major wouldn't be imagining things, would she?
      Margaret: Klinger, I know violating when I see it. Now I requested a new footlocker. I want to know why I haven't got it yet.
      Klinger: (handing her a piece of paper) They turned ya down.
      Margaret: Turned me down?!
      Klinger: Major, I told you it was a long shot. ICORPs says they'll only replace a footlocker if it's damaged in combat.
      Margaret: (furious) That's ridiculous! This is a hospital unit! What kind of combat do we see here?
      Klinger: Well, I don't make the rules. I just live by 'em. It's the good old American sense of fair play.
      Margaret: Don't give me that garbage, you clown! What am I supposed to do with my personal belongings?
      Klinger: I got a hope chest I'm not using anymore.
      Margaret: How would you like to find yourself stuffed inside it?