Season 4 Episode 17

Der Tag

Aired Unknown Jan 06, 1976 on CBS

Episode Recap

Frank tries to get a hold of Margaret at her hotel in Tokyo; she is there for a nursing seminar. He has tried for five hours; Radar is asleep nearby talking in his sleep. Margaret says that after the seminar, she went out for a bite with several other nurses and a male physical therapist named Fred. She keeps going on about his 'bo-o-dy,' which upsets Frank. Later, in surgery, Frank again complains about Hawkeye's banter in the OR, and yells at Nurse Kellye even though he dropped an instrument. Potter asks Hawkeye and BJ to be nice to Frank because he has been worse than usual because of Margaret's trip. Later, a poker game is going on in the Swamp. Frank walks in and Potter prods Hawkeye to ask Frank to join them. He says he's not wanted, but the others(BJ, Potter, Father Mulcahy, Radar, and Klinger) insist they want him. Frank even takes a few swigs from the still, and gets drunk almost instantly. He then wins the first hand he's dealt, and several others; he winds up with $200 at the end of the night. Then, Hawkeye and BJ take him to the officers' club where Radar and Nurse Kellye are dancing to Mulcahy's piano playing. Frank has to buy the drinks as the winner. Then he confides that he has his eye on Kellye and gets her to dance with him. This does not last because he asks Mulcahy to play faster and when he does, Frank falls on the slot machine and wins. Then Hawk and Beej get him back to the Swamp, but they feel hypocritical for being nice, so Hawkeye puts a toe tag on him. Hawkeye writes 'Emotionally exhausted and morally bankrupt' on it and puts it on Frank's toe. They then collapse into their cots. Later, Frank has to go to the latrine and is stopped by Klinger on sentry duty; he lets Frank go even though he doesn't give the password. Then an ambulance comes into the compound with wounded; Klinger helps the driver and orderly get them into pre-op. Just then, Frank comes out of the latrine and falls into the back of the ambulance. Then the driver and orderly get back in; they have get back to the front; they don't know Frank is inside. The next day, Radar is looking for Frank because he is on post-op duty. He can't find him and Hawkeye and BJ tell Potter what happened. Then a call comes in from a Capt. Nick Saunders at a nearby aid station; Frank is there asleep with the toe tag. Potter has Hawkeye and BJ go get Frank because they are overrun with wounded. Later, after they leave, Saunders calls back to tell Potter not to come pick up Frank because the Chinese are attacking nearby. They help the surgeons at the aid station but Frank is still sound asleep. They get him back to camp, and when Radar comes in to get him for duty, he wakes up. An exhausted Hawkeye and BJ yell at him. Just then Margaret returns and she and Frank get together in her tent; she gives him a gift of glazed plums. Later, in the mess tent, Margaret goes on and on about Fred the physical therapist, which again upsets Frank.