Season 2 Episode 1

Divided We Stand

Aired Unknown Sep 15, 1973 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • This is the last episode that ends with a rundown of the characters. Two previous episodes "The Pilot" and "Dear Dad" had ended the same way.

    • The voice of the P.A. announcer in this episode is provided by Sal Viscuso who was the P.A. announcer in the movie.

    • When Trapper John "rewrites" the commandments from Frank's Bible, the camera goes to the Trapper on the bunk closest to the door and Frank's bunk, but in many other episodes that is Hawkeye's bunk.

    • When Henry tells Radar that the Captain is staying at 4077th for awhile, watch the Captain's arms. He goes from holding his helmet and jacket but in the shot his helmet is under his arm. The next shot he once again holding the helmet and jacket.

    • When Hawkeye asks Henry for the butter, Henry gives it to him and says here you go PierceIntyre...making Hawkeye and Trapper's last name one.

    • Goof: In both this and the next episode, Frank calls Henry "Henry" rather than "Colonel". This seems a bit out of character for Frank, who usually insists on military regulations being followed (ie, not calling a superior officer by his first name!).

  • Quotes

    • Captain Hildebrandt: These guys make a gin that could melt your dog tags.

    • Henry: I figured the shower was the safest place to meet, right?
      Hawkeye: Absolutely, nobody ever comes in here.

    • Frank (to Hawkeye and Trapper): You both look more like bums than doctors.
      Trapper: Actually, I was thinking of becoming a bum doctor, but the proctology class was full.

    • Margaret (about Radar): That one spies on everyone!
      Hawkeye: Now dear, he is our son.
      Henry: He is NOT!

    • Henry: Someone has been rat-finking to the general.
      Frank: I didn't do it. Anyway, it's my duty.
      (Henry gives Frank and Hot Lips an angry look)
      Hot Lips: There is nothing wrong with reporting how unmilitary your command is.
      Henry: Then I have to remind you that if the general splits us up, we all get split up, which means you and doctor Burns will stop practicing medicine together, or whatever it is you do!

    • Frank: I, for one, have not cracked because of the war.
      Hawkeye: That's true, Captain.
      Frank: Thank you, Pierce.
      Hawkeye: Frank showed up here cracked. With a Bible in one hand and a pair of shorts that said 'Hold me' in the other.

    • Hawkeye: Henry? Your fly is closed.

    • Henry: There's nothing wrong with Klinger. I mean, he goes out with girls.
      Captain Hildebrandt: Must be stealing their clothes.

    • Frank: (looking at his Bible) Who re-wrote these Commandments?

    • Hawkeye: (Orders breakfast) I'll have two scrambled powdered eggs and a slice of World War II surplus bread, and don't make it tasty.

    • (Reveille begins playing on the PA system and the first part keeps playing)
      Hawkeye: Hey! Somebody give the place a shove!
      (Record scratches and the song continues)
      Trapper: (after song finishes) What's going on?
      Hawkeye: I think this motel is surrounded by soldiers.

    • Trapper: Well, we did it again.
      Hawkeye: Screwed up in reverse. We'll never get out of here.

    • Hildebrand: In my short stay here, I have seen textbook examples of neuroses, psychoses. I have seen voyeurism, fetishism, and a few 'isms' I've never even heard of. And let me tell you this, General: These impossible people are in an impossible place doing totally impossible work. They're mad. quite mad, all of them. And the only act I can think of that would be madder still would be breaking them up!

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