Season 2 Episode 5

Dr. Pierce and Mr. Hyde

Aired Unknown Oct 13, 1973 on CBS

Episode Recap

The opening scene is of an almost-empty operating room, save Hawkeye and Trapper. It's the end of a 20-hour session and Hawkeye doesn't realize that it's over. Radar announces that there are no more casualties expected for 24 hours and Hawkeye and Trapper make their way back to the Swamp. Just as Hawkeye gets in his cot, more wounded arrive. Trapper tells Hawkeye to go to sleep, but he manages to get in the OR and operate over Frank's objections.

After another long session, Henry orders Hawkeye off all surgical shifts. Radar gets him home in a wheelchair. After stopping to flirt with nurses, Hawkeye makes it back to the Swamp, but more wounded arrive. Even walking through a clothesline doesn't stop Hawkeye from going to the OR.

Next, Hawkeye is standing in the rain looking in the post-op. He tells Trapper that there is a war going on. Trapper tells him that he's turning into a fruitcake and Hawkeye says going to sleep can't stop it. He says that someone started the war and he is going to find out who did and get them to call it off. He goes to Radar's office and persuades him to send a telegram to President Truman to get him to stop the war. He tells one of the chopper pilots not to go up in the air because he gets the wounded. As he does, more wounded arrive and once again, he defies sleep and common sense and goes to work.

Next, Henry yells at him because he is supposed to stand down. He says that no matter what, Hawkeye will not be operating. Radar tells Henry that Gen. Clayton is coming down to the camp and he is angry because someone sent a telegram to President Truman. Hawkeye barges into Margaret's tent looking for Frank, but he is in the mess tent giving an ordination lecture about why the US Army is in the war. Hawkeye disrupts the lecture by asking what the war is about. Frank says the Communists want the American way of life, using bathrooms as a metaphor. Hawkeye decides to give the North Koreans the officers latrine as an offering to stop the war. While he is taking a picture of it, Trapper tries to give him a sedative, but Frank somehow gets it. Trapper goes to Henry about him, but he's more worried about Gen. Clayton coming down. Henry tells Trapper to sedate him. He and Radar make a toast to Hawkeye's plan, with his martini laced with a sedative. Hawkeye drinks it, but it takes a long time to take effect. He gets the latrine chains it to a truck. While going to get a jeep, Gen. Clayton gets in it. Radar can't prevent him from going in, and Hawkeye drives off with the latrine. Finally, it takes effect after about 500 yards and the final scene is of Hawkeye asleep in his cot, with Trapper and Henry watching.