Season 8 Episode 22


Aired Unknown Feb 18, 1980 on CBS

Episode Recap

"Attention, all personnel! More wounded to arrive in fifteen minutes! We haven't had any wounded for the past half-hour. What IS this? Anyway?!"
After nearly two days without sleep attending to wounded, the 4077th members are getting drowsy and decide to take naps in between patients...but the war invades their dreams and turns them to nightmares. Margaret dreams of marrying a wonderful man, but the man heads off to battle while she's left with a bed full of bloody soldiers. B.J., after getting a cramp in his fingers, dreams of dancing with his wife Peg until surgery takes him away from her. After Potter tries to talk a timid lieutenant into sending them ambulances, he falls asleep and dreams of playing polo with a hand grenade and his younger self going in for dinner. Winchester gets in a nap and dreams of being a magician, though no magic he can come up with can help a dying soldier. As the staff builds more beds (and irritates a sleeping general), Mulcahy falls asleep during a confession and dreams of being Pope and having mass in the mess tent...complete with a bleeding soldier on a cross. Klinger sleeps in the supply shed and dreams of going back to Toledo, only to find himself a patient in the Packo's operating room. After the general ORDERS the lieutenant to send the ambulances and things die down, Hawkeye falls asleep in his dinner...and dreams of having his limbs removed mannequin-style. After MORE wounded, the staff is ready for shut-eye...but trade it for more coffee to avoid more dreams.
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