Season 8 Episode 22


Aired Unknown Feb 18, 1980 on CBS

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  • Radar

    When it was showing credits at the beginning, it said that also starting Gary Burghoff as Radar .. but I never seen him? Did anyone else?
  • War haunts the 4077...even in their dreams.

    During an extra rough night, each of the 4077 sneak away for some shut eye only to find that even when they're asleep they're haunted by the war.

    Despite an interesting idea and stylish direction (via Alan Alda) the episode comes off as a little too preachy for it's own good. It has plenty of great moments (BJ dancing with his wife, Peg; Potter dreaming about his earlier years) but by the final dream they've overkilled the whole "war is bad" message.
  • War is madness

    War is madness, and this episode shows it to perfection as the dreams of the characters goes totally beyond flippant and into the realm of complete insanity. Dreams is also the way people cope with what might seem to be uncopable during the day.. Without the capacity to dream we all would certainly go crazy, even those of us who seldom witnesses the kind of madness which the people witnessing war in some capacity or other does, either it is as willing participants or just having been dragged into the whole ordeal.

    "Dreams" is in my opinion one of the best post-O'Reilly episodes. Kudos
  • Weird, creepy and downright depressing. This is my least favorite episode of the entire series run. Margaret covered in Blood? Hawkeye with no arms? That tap dancing thing with Charles with the sparklers? This isn't a hospital, it's an insane asylum.

    This episode represents the fallout of this show. I understand what Alda was trying to do, I understand that he was trying to come up with some imagery that projected how the members of the 4077 had been damaged mentally by the war but come ON! This episode is creepy, it's weird, it is a downer. The imagery belongs to a horror show.

    Look, I started watching M*A*S*H because of the kind of humor displayed in the first four seasons, a successful mixture of comedy and the horrors of war but I've always felt that this show began to bottom out with the exit of Radar and this episode proves it.
  • this episode is strange


    Yes this episode is strange. it is a good episode why? because Alan Alda wanted to show the audiance that the people cant excape from war and it dose effect them in many ways. However this episode creep the sh.t out of me Hawk pulling his arms off, Winchester pulling off magic tricks to try to save a live and the worst one of them all is Father Mokeaye showing the statue of Jesus and then looking back to see a dead soilder are they crazy

  • it was cheesy by today's standards but was intersting and a good episode.

    the cheesy part was in Hawkeyes dream were he removes the arms and legs, and the fact they all have similar dreams, but my guess is anyone in a war time situation would dream about family. It look like they tried to hard to make it more dramatic, but it was neat because we all had a glimpse of what their lives were like before the war. BJ with his wife, Klinger in Toledo at Paco's, even the ones who were career military you saw Colnol Potter on a horse, and Major Houlihan in a wedding dress. Major Winchester had a weird dream involving fireworks. It was an intersting episode to say the least.
  • Sometimes there is no real escape from the horrors of war.

    With wounded piling up and no way to get them out, the members of the 4077th are exhausted and taking to sleeping on the job. But, even in "Dreams," they cannot escape; all are still haunted by the war.

    *Major Houlihan finds herself on a field in a wedding dress with the man of her dreams (literally), only to have him join a procession of soldiers and to find her wedding dress stained with blood.

    *BJ meets up with his beloved wife for one more dance, only to find that they are both dancing through patients in the operating room.

    *Father Mulcahey imagines himself in the garb of His Holiness the Pope and preparing to speak to the masses, only to see that the crucifix above him contains not the sactred figure of Jesus, but the bloody remains of a soldier.

    *Klinger dreams of traveling home to Toledo, only to look in the window of his favorite cafe-and see the operating room at M*A*S*H, with his own face on the table.

    *Winchester appears in the operating room and begins performing- as a magician. Despite all the miraculous tricks he performs, he cannot save the life of a wounded soldier.

    *Col. Potter rides on horseback towards a small house, hearing the voice of his beloved wife- only to be rudely awakened as more wounded arrive.

    *Hawkeye finds himself back in a classroom, discussing amputation of limbs. When he cannot answer the questions, Hawkeye must sacrifice his own limbs. He travels downriver to find a wounded child, who Hawkeye is expected to operate on even though he no longer has limbs to hold a scalpel. Pierce cries out in frustration-only to be awakened by the sound of choppers bringing even more wounded.

    While the unique spiritual visions of the doctors and staff may seem disjointed, all dreams in this episode have one thing in common- everyone's fear that the thing they value most (skills, desires, loved ones, even life itself) will be taken by the war.

    An eerie yet still amusing episode.