Season 8 Episode 22


Aired Unknown Feb 18, 1980 on CBS

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  • Weird, creepy and downright depressing. This is my least favorite episode of the entire series run. Margaret covered in Blood? Hawkeye with no arms? That tap dancing thing with Charles with the sparklers? This isn't a hospital, it's an insane asylum.

    This episode represents the fallout of this show. I understand what Alda was trying to do, I understand that he was trying to come up with some imagery that projected how the members of the 4077 had been damaged mentally by the war but come ON! This episode is creepy, it's weird, it is a downer. The imagery belongs to a horror show.

    Look, I started watching M*A*S*H because of the kind of humor displayed in the first four seasons, a successful mixture of comedy and the horrors of war but I've always felt that this show began to bottom out with the exit of Radar and this episode proves it.