Season 8 Episode 22


Aired Unknown Feb 18, 1980 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • In Klinger's dream sequence the supply room turns into a train and when he gets off the train he is at Tony Paco's restaurant in Toledo, which he references alot. He looks inside and Potter is operating and and motions for him to come here, and he looks down and Potter is operating on him.

    • Col. Potter appears in five different dreams in this episode, more than any other character. In addition to his own, he also appears in BJ's, Klinger's, Mulcahey's, and Winchester's dreams as well. His appearance in Winchester's dream is cut from the syndicated version of this episode.

    • In Margaret's dream she is wearing a wedding dress and is on the marriage bed, but she is wearing no wedding band.

    • Potter told the general that a first lieutenant was withholding the ambulances, but when they were talking to him on the phone, he was wearing a second lieutenant's uniform.

    • In Charles' dream sequence, in some shots Klinger is wearing earrings, in others he is not.

  • Quotes

    • Gen. Coogan: (on the phone) Lieutenant, I'm sure you have a sound reason for not sending those ambulances into combat.
      Lt. Garvey: Yes, sir!
      Gen. Coogan: Well, why don't you come here in the flesh and tell me what it is?
      Lt. Garvey: In the flesh, sir?
      Gen. Coogan: You wouldn't mind that, would you, Lieutenant?
      Lt. Garvey: They're on the way to you now, sir!

    • Col. Potter: Some yahoo of a First Lieutenant won't send us any ambulances!
      Gen. Coogan: Well, why the hell not?
      Col. Potter: He says there's a lot of shooting going on, and he doesn't want those ambulances to get hurt.
      Gen. Coogan: Damn jackass! If I could just have 30 seconds on the phone with that pimple-headed lieutenant, I'd boil his bars!
      Col. Potter: Well, General, I think we can arrange that, person to pimple!

    • (Falling asleep, after Lt. Garvey has refused to send him any ambulances)
      Col. Potter: I'm too old for this. I've got children telling me I can't play with their toys.

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