Season 5 Episode 12


Aired Unknown Dec 14, 1976 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • (Col. Potter gives Hawkeye his permission to allow a priestess to exorcise spirits on the compound)
      Frank: Sir, you can't go through with this!
      Potter: Can if I want to. And it's not you I'll apologize to, either. It's the good father.
      Mulcahy: Why me?
      Potter: Its not exactly what they told you to expect at chaplain's school.
      Mulcahy: I wouldn't miss this for the world.
      Frank: Not you, Father?
      Mulcahy: Yes, me Major.
      Hawkeye: Why, you spiritual thrill-seeker, you.
      Mulcahy: Wondrous is man and mysterious the ways of God, and I would have no one shield my eyes from the glory of His works.
      Frank: What does that mean?
      Mulcahy: It means there's more than one way to skin a spirit.