Season 5 Episode 12


Aired Unknown Dec 14, 1976 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Frank: (about Hawkeye) First he brings in Korean civilians with unauthorized wounds, now he wants to drag in a pagan priestess to stir up the local spooks, which I don't even believe in!
      Potter: These local spooks don't spook you, do they?
      Frank: Certainly not! It's poppycock. But why incur the wrath of the man upstairs, hmm?
      Potter: Who, MacArthur?
      Frank: I do not intend to idly stand by and let Captain Pierce conduct his exorcism!
      Hawkeye: Okay, you can conduct. I'll play violin.
      Frank: Sir, he's joking about me, and about army rules and regulations, and it isn't funny!
      Hawkeye: A comic is only as good as his material.
      Potter: It's a little outta the ordinary, I grant ya.
      Hawkeye: Colonel, I'd rather not operate on a hysterical patient. All I wanna do is to put the old man at ease.
      Potter: I didn't say no, Pierce.
      Frank: Not saying no, is that saying yes?
      Potter: Yes. Not saying no is saying yes.
      Frank: But what if general staff should happen to drop in? What if they see a priestess exorcising demons? What then?
      Potter: If she knows her stuff, I may have her exorcise them off the compound.
      Frank: Sir, you're not taking this seriously.
      Potter: No, I'm not, why are you?
      Hawkeye: Frank was once the innocent victim of possession. Through some tragic accident, they exorcised the nice guy and left that.

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