Season 9 Episode 4

Father's Day

Aired Unknown Dec 08, 1980 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Klinger: I just got a call. General Beswick is pretty steamed about his plate full of liver. He's got MPs sniffing everywhere. When they show up here, it'll be his cow and our hides.
      Hawkeye: Well, we're not gonna give up without a fight. That's our beef.
      BJ: We stole it fair and square.
      Klinger: I respect your lack of integrity, but what are we gonna do?
      BJ: We'll start the party a little early, that's all.
      Klinger: That heifer's frozen solid. We'll never get it thawed before the MPs get here.
      Winchester: Uh gentlemen, do my ears deceive me or have you purloined some sirloin?
      Hawkeye: Not only sirloin, an entire side of beef.
      Winchester: Uh, Hawk, Beej, Max, aren't we the four musketeers? Fighting, wenching, dining?
      Hawkeye: Relax, Pathos, you're in! Klinger, get that beef over here and don't let anybody see you.
      Klinger: Coming right up. One side of beef, hold the witnesses.