Season 11 Episode 13

Friends and Enemies

Aired Unknown Feb 07, 1983 on CBS

Episode Recap

Margaret gets a phonograph, but no records, and proceeds to get friendly with Charles to get some of his. Meanwhile, Woody Cooke, an old friend of Potter's, arrives at the 4077th as part of a group of wounded. Hawkeye learns from another man that Woody wandered in during fighting and started giving orders to stay, inflicting even more injuries. Hawkeye tells Potter, who reacts defensively at first but determines the men are right and confronts Woody on his reckless behavior, telling him he will report him. Woody doesn't take the news well and storms out, thus ending a 40-year friendship. Meanwhile BJ, who is confined to the swamp after hurting his foot, tries to manipulate both Charles and Margaret so he won't have to hear any more of Charles's records, but they wise up to him and get back at him.
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