Season 11 Episode 13

Friends and Enemies

Aired Unknown Feb 07, 1983 on CBS

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  • Overall a very good episode, but also proof that the series should end as it recycles an old plot line from season 5.

    First of, the subplot of this episode is B.J. being holed up in the swamp and out of boredom, and annoyance with Charles, sets him up against Maj. Houlihan over her record player and his records. It demonstrates B.J.'s warped sense of humor, but also the intelligence of the two Majors who foil his plot. Nothing big here, and it's pretty forgettable as the real deal with the episode regards Potter and his old friend Col. Woody Cooke.

    I felt this episode did a much better job with the idea that Potter was having to choose between his friend, and reporting the error he made, than a previous episode. The plot is a remake of the subplot in "Ping Pong", where Potter is in the same position, but there he immediately confronts his friend and tells him off, mostly in disappointment. This time, Potter goes off the deep end, getting very defensive over the accusations of his friend, until he eventually calms down and realizes that Hawkeye is right and that something must be done about "Woody".

    On the one hand, I prefer the way this episode handled the issue of Potter's loyalty to his friends and his responsibility as an army Colonel, because in the other episode it was the subplot. However, recycling an old plot is a sign that the steam was running out of the show's writing and that it was time to end it. Thankfully, they already knew that.