Season 11 Episode 14

Give and Take

Aired Unknown Feb 14, 1983 on CBS

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  • North Korean soldier gets shot by a US solider when he is trying to take his boots. Both end up at the 4077th. Charles forgets his duties as charity officer.

    The series is almost over and this episode sort of pushes the anti-war agenda again. We are shown that sometimes our first thoughts may not be correct about the North Korean Soldier trying to steal the US soldier's boots. They try to make us see the N. Korean soldier as a person not just the enemy after The US soldier that shoots him gives him an extra blanket to shut him up. Klinger goes around giving out candy bars and the N. Korean ends up giving his to the American soldier. This is supposed to show us that war is bad and people do die (N. Korean soldier dies). These type stories are the ones that push an agenda that some do not enjoy . The charity part of the story in my opinion was used to get as many of the characters involved as possible it also taught a lesson not to avoid responsibility or put things off and that's a pretty good lesson. Later that night on a different network "Dear Dad again" one of the earliest shows aired and it remined me some of this storyline as it used an object or event to get a lot of the smaller characters involved.
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