Season 8 Episode 4

Good-Bye Radar (Part 1)

Aired Unknown Oct 08, 1979 on CBS

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  • While the 4077th collpses without power and a competent company clerk, Radar endures a series of unfortunate events.

    I was little confused at this episode. Radar's character was markedly different to what we had seen over the past 7 series. However, the underlying motive sems to have been to show how many young men went to Korea as boys, and returned as men. When the generator breaks in the middle of surgery, Klinger and Zale are sent to fix it. When they can't, they discover the back-up generator has been stolen. Klinger tries to get a new one, but to no avail. All eagerly await Radar's return from R&R.

    Radar, meanwhile has been cut from the flight back to Korea so that a Generals' lifesize cardboard replica can fly. Sitting in the airport, he meets Patty, a young lady on her way home after serving as a nurse in Tokyo. The two live only 100 miles apart in the States, and instantly fall for each other. When a spot opens up for Radar on another flight, he must reluctantly leave, kissing Patty and promising to look for her after the war.

    Back in Korea, he endures a rough ride in a jeep, before being forced out by a group of soldiers, who break the perfume he had bought for the nurses. He catches a farmers ox-pulled cart home.

    On his arrival at the 4077th, (after being told what a sexy-smelling duffelbag he has), he is instantly coerced into trying to find a new generator - at which he too fails, (but Klinger feels better). Feeling down, he goes for a grape nehi - which is warm due to no electricity for the refrigerator. Just then, things get worse. His mother sends Potter a telegram, saying Radar's Uncle Ed has died. Potter decides that with Radars mother on her own, and in poor health, Radar must go home...(End of Part 1)
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