Season 8 Episode 4

Good-Bye Radar (Part 1)

Aired Unknown Oct 08, 1979 on CBS



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    • B.J.: How about you, Radar? You alright?
      Radar: Huh?...Yeah, I'm OK. I mean, I don't wanna be, but I guess I have to be. I'm the man of the family now.
      Potter: That's right, son. And, you're going home. (Radar turns around, stunned) Go get yourself a DA-7 Hardship DIscharge and type your name on it.
      Radar: I'm going home, sir?
      Potter: Radar, lord knows your mother is a strong woman, but she won't make it alone. You oughta be there with her.
      Hawkeye: You heard him right, Radar. Your time has come.
      Potter: I'll notify the Red Cross, and they'll make sure you're processed tout suite. You should be home in time for Sunday night supper.
      B.J. : Save some leftovers for us!
      Radar: Home? I'm going home?
      Potter: Where you belong.
      Mulcahy: Just like that!
      Potter: Yep, just like that.
      Hawkeye: Radar, I'm very happy for you.
      Radar: Yeah...I'm happy for me, too...I guess.

    • Col. Potter: Come on Klinger. I'm a romantic, but soft lights and surgery don't mix.

    • Klinger: I'm sorry about the mess.
      Radar: I cleaned it for two hours. There was another mess under it!

    • Radar: Get away from me before I get physically emotional!

    • Father Mulcahy (about the power outage): I'd say a special prayer, but we've never come up with a patron saint of electricity.

    • Olsen (about generals): The bigger they are, the weirder they are.

    • (Col. Potter walks into the Swamp)
      Col. Potter: Either of you seen Radar?
      Hawkeye: Last I saw him he was in the Officer's Club having a touch of the grape.
      B.J.: Why? What's wrong?
      Col. Potter: Plenty. I just got a wire from the boy's mother in Iowa. Radar's Uncle Ed passed away.
      Hawkeye: Oy.
      Col. Potter: Yeah. Oy.

  • Notes

    • Gary Burghoff decided to leave the series at the end of the seventh year, complaining that the monotony of the series had taken its toll. Though few tears were shed when he left, CBS coerced him to return for this two-part farewell episode that was scheduled to take advantage of the November ratings sweeps period.

    • No rendition of "Suicide Is Painless" is heard while "Good-Bye Radar (Part 1)"'s closing tag credits flash.

    • Notice that Radar now has darker curly hair.

    • Johnny Haymer ends his run on the show in his role as Sgt. Zale, effective this episode.

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