Season 8 Episode 5

Good-Bye Radar (Part 2)

Aired Unknown Oct 15, 1979 on CBS

Episode Recap

After a quick recap of Part I, the story picks back up with Radar packing things, including his personal, personal type Thermometer that Colonel Blake gave him, his Purple Heart..et cetera. Meanwhile, Klinger is complaining because he has no idea what to do. Radar says he has to learn the stuff himself, that nobody helped him when he got there. Radar says he isn't the clerk anymore, that Klinger is, and that he has to do everything, or else everything will turn into a mess. The doctors sit around the Wagenstien, and then Hawkeye and Potter walk off to get a drink, sad that Radar is leaving. Charles and Radar have a nice little chat about what Radar will do back home, and Klinger comes in saying that a guy named Alvin is on the phone about a generator, and Radar tells him to go talk to him, he's the company clerk. Then B.J. asks for Radar's help with the Wagenstien, and he complains about the generator too. Then Radar does go talk to Alvin, because he is feeling upset that he won't have the generator. Wounded come in, and Radar tells Alvin to send all the jeeps and trucks he can find. Radar has the keeps all come outside and turn on their lights, and the OR moves outside, where there is light.

More complaining about the lack of light continues, Hawkeye ranting and joking as usual, and asks Radar how he feels. Later on inside Potter and Radar are having a drink, surprising because Radar doesn't usually drink. Potter says they're planning a party, which Radar says isn't necessary, because he's planning to stay. He says that the 4077th needs him, because lives depend on him, but Potter tries to convince him to go, and he says he's made his decision, his place is with the 4077th. Hawkeye comes in abruptly and tries to get Radar to go home, repacking Radar's unpacking. He yells at Radar for not going home, and Radar tries to tell him that he'll stay. Radar then tells him that if he was in Radar's shoes, he'd stay. Radar and Hawkeye fight, Radar saying he's grown up, and that he can make his own decisions. Klinger is puttering about the Office, and gets a call from someone about a generator, and Klinger starts in on making a deal. He goes down to supply, with Scotch, and gets ready to take the generator, when someone comes in with requisition forms for a generator, and Klinger finds out that the generator stolen from the 4077th was stolen by the man who may now get the generator the 4077th so badly needs, so, he takes it.

The entire camp is in an uproar when Klinger come in with the generator, and Radar says he was proud. Potter pours Radar some whiskey, and Radar drinks. Potter then starts talking about Radar going home, gives him a long speech, and tells Potter he was planning on going home anyway. Potter then promises a wizbang of a send-off. The next day, Hawkeye comes in to the office, where Radar is packing, and announces to the camp that the party is coming up. Radar then tries to say goodbye, but Hawkeye wont' let him. Before he can get to his party, choppers come. Radar promises to find Hawkeye later and he runs off. Everyone takes their turn saying goodbye to Radar, hugs, handshakes...kisses on the cheek from B.J. for his family. Radar is left in the camp alone, and in the OR everyone is furiously working to save lives. Radar walk into the Mess Tent and sees all the decorations for his farewell party he won't have time to have. He goes up to the cake and eats a little icing, making a face in disgust (too sweet!). He then goes to say goodbye to his animals, and promises that they shouldn't worry, the entire camp will take care of them. He then goes to look into the OR, and catches Hawkeye's eye, Hawkeye looks at him and salutes him, again, a real salute, which Radar returns and then leaves. He packs into his jeep, and takes one last look around the camp, and then says "I'm ready. Let's go". The jeep drives off, and Walter Eugene "Radar" O'Reilly is gone.

That night, Potter, Hawkeye and BJ go back to the Swamp, wondering where Radar is, knowing he's away from there. They start drinking, and Potter finds Radar's beloved teddybear, which he left behind as a souvenir, and says "Goodbye Radar."
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