Season 8 Episode 5

Good-Bye Radar (Part 2)

Aired Unknown Oct 15, 1979 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • (Radar refuses to leave MASH)
      Hawkeye: We all wait for that day! We dream about it! We pray for it! We'd sacrifice a virgin if we could find one! How dare you!!
      Radar: I'm sorry, there's too much around here I gotta do!
      Hawkeye: No no no no, you're not pulling that tripe on me! They've been holding wars long before you signed up, and the fun'll continue long after you leave! Let me put this as gracefully as I can: We don't need you!
      Radar: (chuckles) Oh, ya don't huh? How's your generator? Is Klinger gonna find you one? If things got tough, and you were the one that was leavin', you'd be stayin'!
      Hawkeye: Don't bet on it. I'd be outta here so fast my shorts would have to catch the next plane!
      Radar: Oh, yeah yeah. I saw ya workin' in OR with your hurt finger. You'd stay! Hey, listen, I got responsibilities around here, just like you.
      Hawkeye: You've got responsibilities at home, you jackass!
      Radar: Well how about if I wanna make up my own mind? I'm no kid anymore, ya know! I've been around.
      Hawkeye: Oh, excuse me, Mr. Globetrotter ... Why bless my soul, Mrs. O'Reilly's little boy is a big man now. I guess you've outgrown all that other stuff, huh? Ottumwa, the farm - your mother - Ah! Your mother! Have you outgrown your responsibility to her?
      Radar: Listen, how I take care of my mom is my business. You said it yourself, Hawkeye. Nobody should tell somebody else how to run their life!