Season 11 Episode 16

Goodbye, Farewell and Amen

Aired Unknown Feb 28, 1983 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • (Klinger is on the phone to Chorwon looking for Soon-Li's family)
      Soon-Li: Tell them my father is short, dark hair...
      Klinger: Mr. Han is a short man with dark hair...
      Soon-Li: Mother, short, dark hair...
      Klinger: Right. The mother also isn't too tall.
      Margaret: Klinger, get off the phone, I need to send a telegram.
      Soon-Li: And brother, short, dark hair...
      Klinger: I think they get the picture. (on phone) Okay, could you- whoa! That did sound close! (hangs up) They gotta get outta there, they're gonna be overrun any minute!
      Margaret: Klinger!
      Klinger: Working on it Major, go.
      Margaret: This goes to Robert Harwell-
      Soon-Li: Why you not tell them about my brother?!?
      Klinger: I tried!
      Margaret: Klinger, pay attention! To Robert Harwell, Chief of Staff, Boston Mercy Hospital. Dear Uncle Bob...
      Klinger: Oh, your uncle runs a hospital.
      Margaret: Well, he's not really my uncle.
      Klinger: Oh, that kind of uncle!
      Margaret: He's a friend of the family, I've been calling him that for years, now BE QUIET!
      (Col. Potter enters)
      Potter: Sergeant, get on the phone to I-Corps.
      Margaret: In a minute Colonel, I'm sending a telegram.
      Soon-Li: Now they be looking for two people, not three!
      Klinger: They're not looking for anybody, they're leaving.
      Potter: Klinger, I've got North Koreans up to my southern border, I want to get rid of them!
      Margaret: Been working with Major Winchester two years. Stop. His two years experience in Korea is equal to ten years at any stateside hospital. Stop.
      Potter: STOP! Tell I-Corps that tank is still out there, and this is not a parking lot.
      (clamoring still continues)
      Potter: Don't you have a piece of paper that proves I'm in charge here?