Season 4 Episode 18


Aired Unknown Jan 13, 1976 on CBS

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  • Alan Alda's ego piece

    Don't get me wrong. Alda is a brilliant actor but it is well known that his ego ran wild over MASH for years, and this episode is the onscreen apex of that. It is a good, solid 20+ minutes of monologue and ad libs.

    It comes across heavy handedly as just a showcase for Alda to highlight his acting chops. Which could be fine on some shows, but MASH was an ensemble comedy. The episode is okay. It's not very funny or deep but there's no denying Alda's talent. If you watch MASH just for him, you'll love this episode.
  • mash season 4 episode 18

    this episode lacked humor and alan alda was very annoying in this episode. it also kind of lacked an ending. i usually like mash, but not this episode.
  • Hawkeye swerves to avoid children playing in the road, and wrecks his jeep and experiences a concussion. He spends the time waiting for help and talking non-stop to stay awake

    This is a terrific episode. Long camera takes show us that Alan Alda is one of the finest actors ever, as his monologue runs for the entire episode, and there are very few cutaways--minutes of Hawkeye flow without any apparent effort. Fabulous performance. He should have definitely won an Emmy for this one.

    I also have a great appreciation for the Korean family with whom he spends his time while waiting for someone to come and get him. They show their kindness, amusement and hospitality without a word. The expressions are priceless.

    It was also a very brave experiment for the time... quite innovative.
  • Ugh. The worst! My least favorite episode of all. Boring, not funny and not very creative.

    I find this episode very boring. When it's on I do not watch it. I am a big MASH fan but have always felt the series suffered the more influence that Alan Alda had. Hawkeye becomes more and more political and politically correct and the dialog descends into one work play pun after another rather than the more realistic banter of earlier seasons. Alda's influence became apparent after the fourth or fifth season and I have always felt this is the episode that starts it all. By the last three or four seasons the episodes are painful to watch compared to the earlier seasons. I have always felt this episode is the symbolic beginning of it all.
  • In Hawkeye,he is stranded in the home of a Korean family who eventually accept his presence and go about their lives.The fact that he has a concussion and struggles hard for consciousness only makes it more amusing as they ignore his rants and raves.

    This is Alan Alda at his finest. To deliver what basically amounts to a 25 minute monologue shows his remarkable ability to get inside his characters. Hawkeye goes through fear, pain, paranoia, feelings of desperation, abandonment..etc. He never loses character, we never see the tell-tale jump of a tape splice, we never have the feeling that it is an actor. He IS Hawkeye, and Hawkeye is in a very big jam.
  • Hawykeye's one man show

    One of the top 5 episodes in the series as Hawkeye, injured in a jeep accident, tries to
    keep awake with a very entertaining monologue. Alan Alda should have gotten an Emmy for this outstanding performance, as he is 98% of the dialogue. Entirely his show as we never see any of the other regular cast.
  • Personal Favourite

    This episode I find is a favourite of mine. I love how they only used Alan Alda, from the regular cast. I think this episode gives us a great insight on the thinking’s and workings of Hawkeye.

    The story is pretty basic. Hawkeye is in a jeep accident and knows that he has a concussion… He sends for help from the 4077th and whilst he waits, he talks to this South Korean family, who don’t speak a word of English. He does this to stop himself from, I guess falling asleep.

    Hawkeye has the opportunity to say whatever he thinks and feels, as no one really is listening or understands.

    Alan Alda, once again, is able to show the world his talents as he has the role of entertaining the viewers for an entire episode with out much assistance from other characters

    I believe this episode allows us to see the great working behind the man… what makes him tick and feel. Defiantly a personal favourite
  • Alan Alda's genius shines through!

    One of the most difficult things an actor can face is giving a believable monologue. In this episode, Hawkeye gets a concussion 20 miles from the 4077th, and has to keep himself awake by talking the whole time to a family of Koreans who don't understand his words. He covers topics from the bones in the human skull, to the Pierce family plot in Maine, to the genius design of the human thumb. He is the only character in the ep that speaks any English, yet he seems to convey his character to the family clearly, and even develops a bond with them.
    This is a way to tell the true talent of both the actor - Alda - and the co-writer/director - Gelbart. The episode may not be big on plot, but from a theatre student's point-of-view, its rich in overall value! First rate!