Season 2 Episode 16

Henry in Love

Aired Unknown Jan 05, 1974 on CBS

Episode Recap

Henry is in Tokyo for R & R and Frank is in temporary command. On his last day before Henry gets back, Margaret shows Frank her diary saying that she is proud of him as a commander. As they celebrate, Radar tells them that Henry will be in Tokyo for two more days. When he gets back, he tells Trapper and Hawkeye that he met a girl in Tokyo and fell in love with her. He thinks she is the 'real thing.' The problem is that she is 21. He met her in a hotel diner and half an hour later they are walking down the Ginza hand in hand. Hawkeye points out that he is still married. Henry says that Nancy is coming to the camp to visit. He dyes his hair darker, refuses to read the letters he gets from home, starts jogging(though it makes his hair dye run) and does pushups in his tent. Nancy arrives and Hawk and Trap are very impressed. Henry can't stay long when she arrives because he has to go on duty. Later that evening, Henry takes Nancy to the officers club to meet some of the others in the camp. Frank falls all over himself when they come over, to which Margaret disapproves. They meet Hawkeye and another nurse at the bar, but when a football-type march comes on the jukebox, Nancy does some cheerleader moves. Just as Henry and Nancy are about to have their drinks, he and Trapper are called to surgery. Hawkeye takes Nancy and the nurse to their tents, but Nancy comes on to him and kisses him passionately. Hawkeye leaves and tells Trapper about the kiss, but he says that Radar has gotten Lorraine(Henry's wife) to call him. They go to his office and Henry is telling Lorraine that he will help her balance the checkbook. He realizes that his 'real thing' is back in Illinois. When she leaves, Henry says that he couldn't wait for her to arrive, and now he's glad she's gone.
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