Season 4 Episode 5

Hey, Doc

Aired Unknown Oct 10, 1975 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • It is alluded that "SGT" Kimble is the motor pool sergeant, but while in uniform he's wearing the "3 up-3 down" rank with a diamond. This is the rank of a First Sergeant (1SG) which would imply he's got more responsibility than just vehicles.

  • Quotes

    • B.J.: Ah, hah! The offending digit.
      Hawkeye: So, in spite of all the training films and lectures, you went out and got yourself an ingrown toenail instead of saving yourself for marriage.
      Lt. Chivers: Yes, I'm afraid so.
      Hawkeye: Well, you came to the right place, Lieutenant.
      Lt. Chivers: Yes, I've been told.
      B.J.: Very often these things are done in sleazy back rooms in Cuba. We're clean and safe.

    • Lt. Chivers: Doctors.
      B.J.: How's the...small problem?
      Lt. Chivers: Splendid.
      B.J.: You do understand, of course, that your toes should have nothing to do with any other toes for at least a month.

    • Frank: Think the sun shines outta your bellybutton, don't ya?
      Hawkeye: I'm having it corked.

    • Margaret: Major Burns handles our most difficult cases.
      Hawkeye: Which is only fair. He's our most difficult doctor.

    • Radar: (on the phone) Hey, listen, can you speak up a little bit, somebody's trying to kill me!

    • Lt. Chivers: Thievery's getting quite out of hand. Last week I lost two machine guns and a tea cosy.

    • (Hiding under a Jeep during sniper fire)
      BJ: This isn't happening!
      Hawkeye: It feels like it's happening.

    • Hawkeye: Colonel, about the sniping...
      Colonel Potter: We're doing all we can, I'm working at my desk and Radar's scared.
      BJ: And that's all?
      Colonel Potter: I can work twice as hard if you like. Radar, can you be twice as scared?
      Radar: No problem, sir.

    • (Frank and Margaret are in Margaret's tent)
      Hawkeye: (from outside) Frank?
      BJ: You in there?
      Frank: (whispering) They're trying to catch us at something!
      Margaret: We're not doing anything.
      Frank: Oh yeah. Who'd have thought?

  • Notes

    • During one of the sniper attacks, Margaret looks out of her tent. When she does, you can see Frank inside cheating at gin.

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