Season 11 Episode 1

Hey, Look Me Over

Aired Unknown Oct 25, 1982 on CBS

Episode Recap

Just as the nurses return to a shambles after a bug out, Margaret learns that Col. Beatrice Bucholz, a very tough inspector and an even bigger by-the-book battleax than (dare we say it?!) Hot Lips herself, is on her way to the 4077th MASH for an inspection. The Eye Of The Hawk's attempts to hit on the nurses during cleanup are met only by putoffs and rebuffs by everyone except Kellye who isn't pretty as some of the others but would like to be teased by him. They dance at the officer's club, but when the music gets slow, Hawkeye breaks things off and checks out other women, ignoring poor Kellye.

When Col. Bucholz arrives, she is especially tough on Margaret, turning her into a tyrant. Kellye angrily confronts Hawkeye in the scrub room, and "Hot Head" Houlihan, humiliated by the commotion, furiously admonishes Hawkeye and Kellye for shouting loudly. Hawkeye later learns a lesson about inner beauty when he sees Kellye comfort a dying patient. At the officers' club that night, Margaret is ecstatic to learn she's been given a satisfactory rating by Col. Bucholz, and Hawk and Kel end by dancing alone, together.
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