Season 10 Episode 2

Identity Crisis

Aired Unknown Nov 02, 1981 on CBS

Episode Recap

With a new batch of wounded comes a new batch of problems WITH the wounded. Father Mulcahy consults Josh Levin...only to find out his name is Gerald Mullen and that he took his dead buddy's dogtags and discharge orders in order to get out of the fighting for good. Mulcahy changes Gerald's mind by reading him letters from Levin's family and telling him that the family won't know what happened to Levin. Meanwhile, B.J. amd Charles try to restrict the actions of Alvin Rice, who was called to service just before he was going to become "Salesman of the Year" and, thus, has been hawking insurance to the patients. Charles mums him by faking that Rice's "letricium" is strained and he must stop talking to relax it. Then there's the matter of James Mathes, who got a "Dear John" letter from an insensitive beau who is marrying a banker's son and wants her picture back from Mathes. So Hawkeye and Margaret help...by getting a BUNCH of pictures of women and writing the beau a letter to keep hers and send the others back.
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