Season 4 Episode 3

It Happened One Night

Aired Unknown Sep 26, 1975 on CBS

Episode Recap

It is two below zero, and enemy artillery is landing near the camp, so blackout conditions are in effect. Radar goes to wake up Hawkeye so he can take over in post-op. BJ comes in and tells Hawkeye about one of his patients, Edwards, who had a lot of shrapnel removed and is slow recovering. He has taken ten units of blood already. Hawkeye goes to the mess tent and gets some coffee. He sees Klinger with a new man, Pvt. Jenkins, who just got in that morning. They are going out for sentry duty. Hawkeye shows them a can of beans he is taking with him for a snack. Klinger sees that they are World War II-surplus, from 1943. Radar then goes into Margaret's tent to wake her up and she thinks that it was for other reasons. He gets flustered and runs into her underwear that was hanging on the lines. When Hawkeye gets to post-op, Frank gets upset that he came late, but forgives Margaret for the same thing. Hawkeye puts his can of beans on the stove. Frank gives them the rounds, telling them about Edwards; another patient named Abbott, who gets nervous and flails his arms and threatens to pull out his IVs; and an Chinese prisoner with 13 broken bones. After he leaves, Frank finds a note from Margaret and tears it up. She gets upset at that, and he explains that someone might find them she gets killed. When a shell gets too close, Abbott gets upset and flails his arms again. Radar is on the phone with the unit who is doing the shelling, it's from an American unit. When he and Hawkeye get nowhere, Hawk tells Radar to get Potter. On the way, Jenkins stops him, but forgets to ask for the password. Frank then thinks about something, and as he goes out, Klinger shows Jenkins how to do the sentry duty right. Frank goes into Margaret's tent looking for his notes that she has saved. Radar wakes up Potter to get some action on the shelling. Edwards needs more blood and they get two more units. Potter calls a major to get the shelling stopped, then they hear a gunshot outside. It's Klinger, who was grazed by a stray bullet from Jenkins' rifle, however, he acts like he is at death's door. As he is getting patched up, he explains that he is just trying to get out like when he wears dresses. Hawkeye says that if he got hurt worse, he would be in better shape. Just then the shelling starts again, and as Radar and Potter go to the office, they are stopped by Jenkins, who forgets to ask for the password again. Meanwhile, Frank is still searching for his letters and finds some boxer shorts. Potter gets hold of another colonel and asks him to stop the shelling. Abbott keeps telling Margaret not to touch him, while BJ can't sleep because of Edwards. Hawkeye thinks he might have missed a wound, but BJ says he saw 18 holes and got them all. Then Margaret sees Klinger outside with just his boxers on and brings him inside. He's trying to get sick so he can be discharged. Frank resorts to cutting open the paneling by Margaret's cot. The shelling starts again and Potter calls a general who is a friend of his to get it stopped. In post-op, BJ realizes that he has to operate on Edwards again when they give him the last unit of blood, B-positive. Hawkeye tells Margaret to get someone from the camp to donate, but Klinger says he is B-positive. As they get Edwards to surgery, another shell explodes and Abbott flails his arms and fights Hawkeye and Margaret. He has Margaret get him a sedative. After he calms down, the shelling stops for good. Just then, the can of beans explodes and gets all over Hawkeye and Margaret. In the morning, Hawkeye, Margaret, and BJ leave after BJ finishes his operation. Hawk and BJ find out that Frank did not come home and Margaret finds him in her tent with all of her things all over the place. He says that he was going to leave her a note but could not find a pencil.