Season 8 Episode 20

Lend a Hand

Aired Unknown Feb 04, 1980 on CBS



  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • Borelli: You're gonna eat while you're driving?
      Hawkeye: Just with one hand. I'll skip the corn on the cob.
      Borelli: You got cheese, huh?
      Hawkeye: Cheese, yeah. Now what?
      Borelli: Well, cheese is bad for the heart, you know. I've seen studies.
      Hawkeye: Oh, that explains the mouse in the Swamp the other day. Grabbed his little chest and just keeled over. Ha, silly us! We thought it was pressure at the office.

    • Dr. Borelli: Do you always scrub like that?
      Hawkeye: Like what?
      Dr. Borelli: Like that.
      Hawkeye: No, I used to send my hands out to the cleaners but they always came back with too much starch.

    • (Klinger accidentally writes "Happy Birthhday" on the cake)
      Father Mulcahy: With all due respect, Klinger, get the H out of there.

    • Colonel Potter: How about 1600 hours?
      Dr. Borelli: No, better make that four o'clock.

    • BJ: This is kind of a body shop, we send them down to Seoul for major tune-ups.

    • Hawkeye (to BJ): I seem to the object of some sort of conspiracy, so naturally I thought of you.

  • Notes

    • This is the second appearance by Robert Alda, as Dr. Borelli, the first appearance being in episode 65. The Alda connection continues with Alan's half-brother Antony appearing as a medic, Jarvis.

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