Season 8 Episode 11

Life Time

Aired Unknown Nov 26, 1979 on CBS

Episode Recap

As Hawkeye, BJ, Klinger and Hot Lips play cards, a chopper arrives bearing a soldier with a severely lacerated aorta who will die or be permanently paralyzed if he doesn't receive major surgery in 20 minutes. Hawkeye does an emergency procedure to quell the bleeding by temporarily cutting off the blood supply to the spine, and the 4077th staff must work quickly to prevent paralysis. They try to buy more time as they search desperately for a graft. When more wounded arrive, Roberts, the friend of a dying soldier named Harold Sherwood (with a severe head injury), berates BJ for not trying to save him. The reason is that Sherwood could provide an aortic graft, and waiting for the graft donor to expire takes up precious time, for he is still using it. Roberts' wrath is unintentionally incurred when he learns they want to use his friend's artery as a graft for the man being operated on. BJ works fast to take the graft when Sherwood dies, and Mulcahy comforts Roberts by telling him that his friend is giving of himself for the sake of another soldier in peril. He then suggests that Roberts tell the injured man who gets the graft all about his pal. The operation is a success!
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