Season 8 Episode 11

Life Time

Aired Unknown Nov 26, 1979 on CBS

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  • In this episode Hawkeye and BJ are waiting for one soldier to die so they can save another soldier's life by replacing the aorta in one soldier with the aorta of the dead soldier. The trick is that they only have about 20 minutes to save this guy's life.

    I personally love this episode. God used one line in this episode in my life in a powerful way. About 2 years go, I lost my mom and dad. I lost my dad in January of 2006 and I lost my mom in October of 2006. And just before they passed away, as a sign of release in my heart and spirit, I used a paraphrased version of Father Mulcahy's prayer from this episode. This prayer is the hardest prayer that a child of any age ever has to pray for his/her parents. My version of the prayer was, "Dear God, if you must take my dad/mom, please take my dad/mom quickly." The actual prayer that Father Mulcahy prayed was, "Dear God, I've never asked You this before, and I don't know what You're going to think of me asking now, but if You're going to take him anyway, please take him quickly, so we can save the other boy".
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