Season 8 Episode 11

Life Time

Aired Unknown Nov 26, 1979 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • (Klinger is on the phone trying to find out if any more casualties are coming from I-Corps.)
      Klinger: I gotta know, is there any fighting in your area?
      I-Corps Officer (On phone): I can only give that information to your commanding officer!
      Klinger: My CO's in surgery...he can't come on the radio!
      I-Corps: Sorry, Corporal!
      Klinger: Wait a minute, here he comes now!
      (Klinger takes the phone and holds it next to the OR door and slams it. He then stomps his feet holding the phone to the floor as if Col. Potter is walking in.)
      Klinger (On the phone imitating Potter): What in the name of Sweet Fanny Adams is going on? Can we expect casualties or NOT!?
      I-Corps Officer: Is that you, Col. Potter?
      Klinger: You bet your horse's hiney!
      I-Corps Officer: It's all clear, Colonel.
      Klinger: GOOD! And, the next time you get a phone call from Cpl. Klinger, COOPERATE! When you're talking to him, you're talking to me!
      I-Corps Officer: Yes, sir!
      Klinger: Now, while I have you on the phone, is there anything you guys have to trade? Got any baklava?